Gary Johnson Averaging 10.2% in the Five Polls Necessary to Participate in the Presidential Debates


The Commission on Presidential Debates released last week the 5 polls they will use to determine the who will be admitted into the fall Presidential debates.

Here at the Libertarian Vindicator, we have started to track these 5 polls in order to keep up on the fight to be included in the debates. Currently, Gary Johnson is averaging 10.2% in the 5 polls being used by the CPD.

ABC-Washington Post 8
CBS-New York Times 12
CNN-Opinion Research  9
Fox News 12
Average 10.2

As each of these polls is updated we will change the average and keep you all in the loop.

This is a fight that is worth fighting for. The American people are crying out for a third option and the elitist powers will do everything they can to stop that from happening.


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  1. Barbara says:

    I don’t understand why 10% isn’t the break point. Oh yeah, cause then the elitists couldn’t keep out the competition 😱

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  2. Oliver Madly says:

    The only people who are voting in these polls are old school, hardcore Dems & Reps or he would be much higher.

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  3. William Fleming says:

    I can only hope that Gary gets a chance to be recognized and excepted in the debate and poles do him justice.
    Wm Fleming

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  4. rbuzzie1996 says:

    If the lp is to grow and introduce purer libertarian philosophy we must get nationally recognized. Presidential debates is only a start. Local, state, and congrssional elections must follow. Going forward purist libertarians will be able run and hopefully understood and accepted as viable options.

    Gary needs to be in the debates and well prepared. The prize still is the presidency and the future is a major side effect.


  5. Geo says:

    Awe, so the media controls whom can participate in the presidential debates. Who owns the media? Just asking…


  6. Poloperlib says:

    15% is so draconian that in European democracies the standard is always 5% of the polling. Even here if a party could win 5% of the popular vote that party becomes a major party. So ask me this, why the rigged CPD can’t lower the bar and make it 5%. Johnson is as far as I’m concerned is more than qualified to be at the debates.


  7. Can you verify the CBS/NYT poll numbers? Last I saw it was 10%.


    1. anne says:

      That’s how it looks to me too.


      1. anne says:

        Just checked this more closely at RCP. The last “CBS/NYT” poll was July 12 and came in at 12%. There have also been more recent plain “CBS News” polls, the latest was July 31 and came in at 10%. I gather that these don’t count. It must be a full “CBS/NYT” poll.


  8. piplup says:

    where are the updates?


    1. anne says:

      with fox posting a 9 instead of 12, the average will be down to 9.6 .. i guess they don’t want to update to that .. if Johnson has a say in this he should allow the update as it is honest, after all ..


      1. piplup says:

        I see that poll and verify your 9.6


      2. anne says:

        Robert, thank you for updating the average. I can’t see the latest CBS/NYT poll figure of 10 (down from 12) over at RCP where I’ve been following this. Can you also provide a link to this?

        RCP page:


      3. anne says:

        ah, i managed to find the 3-way page at RCP .. it is no longer easy to navigate to ..

        RCP 3-way page:

        If “CBS news” is the same as “CBS – NYT” then, yes, the latest poll is 10, not 12.

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  9. piplup says:

    Fox News gave a poll Aug 28-30 which showed Johnson at 9%… this puts the new average at 9.6%


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