How to Oppose Trump or Hillary? Vote Libertarian

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Two of the most polarizing figures in modern American political history are on the verge of being the Republican and Democratic nominee. The question keeps coming up; how do I oppose Trump or Hillary?  There is a simple answer to that question and it is the Libertarian Party.

The Federalist just ran a piece on 4 ways to oppose Trump besides voting for Hillary.  We see that as a valid analysis, but you can also flip it around, ways to oppose Hillary besides voting for Trump.

They include a section on voting for the Libertarian Party as one method of opposing Trump. In this section they make two key observations:

Some in the Never trump movement are already planning to help Johnson, should he secure the nomination. Johnson would have strong appeal to record-focused fiscal conservatives (he earned B grades in the libertarian Cato Institute’s 1998, 2000, and 2002 editions of its “Fiscal Policy Report Card on America’s Governors,” years when scrutiny of gubernatorial records was said by some to be tougher than it is now).


He also might appeal to Democrats with a civil libertarian streak who are wary of voting for Clinton, given her record on government surveillance and foreign policy. A guy who has made a name for himself by calling for altered marijuana laws could also have special traction with younger voters, who are perhaps the most unimpressed with the choice likely facing them.

There is obviously a disdain among voters in 2016 and that resentment is showing in poll numbers.  Trump and Hillary have some of the highest disapproval ratings in history. Voters don’t want either of them, but they get caught in this ridiculous argument that if you vote third party then you waste your vote and the other evil candidate will win the election.

2016 is positioning to be a unique election where the third party movement has the opportunity to seize.  The Libertarian Party will be on the ballot in all 50 states and could have a viable shoot at getting electoral votes, and even winning the election.  With so many questions floating about opposing both Trump and Hillary it creates an opening for a new party to swoop in and take control.

Gary Johnson and the Libertarians have the ability to appeal to both Republicans and Democrats.  The only way the party will ever be successful is by pulling voters from both major parties and over taking them both.  This is highly possible in 2016.

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