Governor Gary Johnson Dominating Libertarian Primary Season

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Governor Gary Johnson won the recent Nebraska primary in a landslide.  As the Libertarian National Convention gets closer later this month, the consensus across the board in the Libertarian circles is that Gary Johnson will be the Libertarian nominee and run against the likes of Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.

The Gary Johnson Campaign just released the following statement:

May 12, 2016, Salt Lake City, UT — Former New Mexico Governor Gary Johnson won Tuesday’s Nebraska Libertarian presidential primary election with a landslide vote.  Gov. Johnson won 52% of all ballots cast, 33% ahead of the vote for the second place candidate.

With Nebraska’s landslide, Gov. Johnson continues his dominance of 2016’s Libertarian presidential primary season.

In other 2016 Libertarian nomination contests:

On March 1’s Minnesota Libertarian presidential caucus, Gov. Johnson ran away with 76% to 12%.

On March 15’s “Libertarian ‘Super Tuesday,’” in North Carolina, Gov. Johnson pulled in 42% of the vote to 35% for “No Preference.”  Ten other names on the ballot were back in the pack with totals ranging from 1% to 6%

That same day in Missouri, Gov. Johnson’s name did not appear on the primary ballot, due to a deadline that passed before Johnson declared his candidacy on January 7, 2016.  Without Gov. Johnson’s name on the ballot, Missouri Libertarian primary voters opted for “Uncommitted” which finished 11% ahead of the four names on the Libertarian presidential primary ballots.

Gov. Johnson continues to run far ahead of the pack with these “one person, one vote” primary and caucus contests, where participation was among voters who went to the polls and chose a “Libertarian” ballot, or voters who had previously registered “Libertarian.”

These wins reflect Gov. Johnson’s general election vote-winning potential among the larger universe of Libertarian-leaning voters, a group of voters that are certain to vote in November, and a group that extends far beyond the universe of libertarian online activists.

Gov. Johnson has made it clear that growing both membership and awareness of the Libertarian Party is a high priority for his 2016 campaign for President.

A look at the map shows that the Libertarian Party is ready and willing to accept the former Governor of New Mexico as their nominee for the 2016 Presidential Election.

The moment is now, and as many who read this website know, we have all ready endorsed Governor Johnson to be the Libertarian nominee for President.

Governor Johnson is poised to be involved in one of the most historic elections in this country’s history.  The historic nature will come from the rise of a third party, and the Governor is the only viable option in the Libertarian Party to seize the moment before them.

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