Gary Johnson Claims He Knows Why Donald Trump Hasn’t Released His Tax Returns

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Every Presidential election in modern political history has had one common thread.  Every candidate has released their tax returns in order to the American people to make a judgement about their finances and see the transparency of their campaign.

Donald Trump has refused to release his tax returns and many have speculated as to why he hasn’t done so.  I have floated the theory that there is a bombshell in those returns, like a big contribution to Planned Parenthood that would make him a hypocrite in the eyes of the social conservatives of the Republican Party.

Governor Gary Johnson has a theory as well.  He discussed that theory with MSNBC yesterday. Johnson believes that Donald Trump hasn’t released his tax returns because they would show he’s effectively paying a 0% tax rate.  With the amount of real estate that Trump owns there are many incentives in the form of deductions that would drive his rate down.

While we believe that Taxation is Theft and 0% is a great rate for taxes, the fact that Donald Trump might have the ability to achieve this while the rest of us suffer is utter garbage!

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