Gary Johnson has Been High ‘Pretty Much Constantly’ Since the Election

Whether the story is true (we really hope it is), there are reports that Gary Johnson has been high almost constantly since the end of the 2016 Election.

From The American Tribune:

In a recent candid interview, Johnson was quoted saying, “I’m pretty high right now”. Asked to elaborate, he said “I’m going to be honest with you, I’ve been high pretty much constantly since the election. I ate a brownie right after I voted. Didn’t eat the whole thing because I knew I had to give some speeches and they had to make at least some sense, but I don’t think it really made too much of a difference anyways.” He continued, “really if anything, it calmed me down a bit. I don’t think anyone noticed”.

While we have no real basis to believe that The American Tribune is a credible news source (it probably isn’t) we at the Vindicator applaud Governor Johnson if this is true.

He is an honest man that is not afraid to admit that he is flawed and that he occasionally gets high from marijuana. Some might consider this a sign that he was not the right candidate for the Libertarian Party, but he has, and always will be, a strong advocate for the legalization of marijuana in America.

He has made it his mission to spread freedom across this country and if this story was true then he has held true to his philosophy.


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