Donald Trump Done With “Drain The Swamp;” Backs Out on Key Campaign Promise

As the 2016 Presidential Election hit the home stretch the President-Elect came up with a tagline that drew in a lot of supporters; “Drain the Swamp.”

Many in this country have been tired of the same old politics of Washington D.C. and attached to Trump as somebody who would walk into D.C. and drain it of the corruption and old politics that have caused many of the problems that we face as a country.

As the weeks have gone on since election day we have learned that Trump is not really into the idea of draining the swamp as seen with many of his cabinet and administration picks. Many of the people that he is currently appointing to positions of power within the government are the same old swampy politicians that have been causing problems in D.C. and other parts of the country.

Newt Gingrich appeared on CNN yesterday to discuss that Trump is done with the idea of Draining the Swamp and in turn backing out of one of his biggest campaign promises.

What is being proved daily is that many people were suckered into thinking that Trump was going to bring actual change to this country and instead is peddling the same old failed policies that have caused many problems for this country.

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