The Libertarian Vindicator Election Prediction-Clinton Electoral Victory, 5.3% for Gary Johnson

It is Saturday, November 5th, and we are now two full days away from the most dynamic Presidential election in American history.

We have the two most polarizing and unpopular Presidential candidates in American history running, and the prospect of historic showings by third parties are high.

This is our official prediction of what will happen Tuesday night across this country.

Here at The Libertarian Vindicator here is our electoral map and what it will look like Tuesday night:


Despite our extreme optimism months ago with Gary Johnson performing quite well that has changed as we got deeper into the election. Not gaining the 15% necessary for debate inclusion was probably the knife that ruined his chances at an unprecedented showing.

We believe that Hillary Clinton will achieve over 300 electoral votes and will become the nation’s first female President. There are too many people that have a bad feeling towards Donald Trump and will cause them to stomach the prospect of voting for Clinton.

Gary Johnson will achieve 5.3% of the popular vote and perform very well in New Mexico, Colorado, and Alaska. With this achievement, this will put the Libertarian Party on the footing of a major political party and will make it easier for them in the 2018 and 2020 elections for ballot access. This is quite the victory for a third party in a system that favors the two major parties.

This analysis is based on the consideration of a number of news sources that run polls and a deep analysis of the Real Clear Politics Averages of polls in this country and across the states. This weekend really has no ability to change the minds of voters across the country who have had their minds made up weeks or months ago. The small number of undecideds at this point should not have the ability to drastically change the scope of polling averages across the country.

The Democratic ground game has also been on point in the key states where they have been getting voters registered and bringing out of the woodworks groups of people that historically haven’t been strong voters in past elections. The high minority populations in key battlegrounds will be the tipping point for Hillary Clinton out of fear that Donald Trump and his white supremacy vote will harm their future.

We will be covering the election all night on Tuesday. Be sure you are following us on Facebook and Twitter for updated info from now until election day.

One thought on “The Libertarian Vindicator Election Prediction-Clinton Electoral Victory, 5.3% for Gary Johnson

  1. Johnson should have told Weld to respect the fact that Johnson was the Presidential candidate and to shut up. Instead, Weld kept yacking away, making clear his socialist tendencies by continuingly commenting on how “great” HRC is. That my friends put the nail in the coffin of what should have been a strong Libertarian candidacy.

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