Trump Surrogate Ben Carson: “Let’s Put the 2nd Amendment on the Table and Ask If We Need It”

Former Republican Presidential candidate Ben Carson went on MSNBC today to talk about the Democrats recent sit-in protest centered around gun control.

“Let’s put on the table: what is the reason for the Second Amendment? And is there a reason that we need to change those things right now? And let’s put the data on the table and let’s talk about like intelligent people, rather than getting in our respective corners and hurling insults at each other,” Carson said.

Compromising the United States Constitution is something any politician should be considering.  Our basic fundamental rights are cherished in this country and that includes the entire Bill of Rights.

This is very concerning about the campaign of Donald Trump and the bait and switch he played with many good people in the Republican Party.

One thought on “Trump Surrogate Ben Carson: “Let’s Put the 2nd Amendment on the Table and Ask If We Need It”

  1. Edwin Pole II June 23, 2016 / 3:50 pm

    I’ve been doing this as a challenge for about a week. Carson must be “following” me on FB.😀 It is clear that none of the present gun control laws are enough to prevent these crimes. Minor tweaks are not enough. If anyone is serious about gun control, then they should be prepared to repeal the 2nd amendment, outlaw all guns in the hands of private citizens with a harsh felony conviction for violators, and confiscate all guns presently held. Otherwise, they are just blowing hot air and should shut their pie holes. (So far, no one has bit on this.)

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