Justin Amash Should Run For President as a Libertarian

The 2020 Presidential election is creeping up as we speak. Candidates are starting to get themselves in position to run for their parties nomination and starting the process to raise money for their campaigns. This election should turn out to be one for the ages!

The Libertarian Party is in a unique position to really shine and get their candidate in a position to be elected. They had their chance in 2016 and probably blew it. They need to pick a candidate that has the ability to appeal to a mass audience while still promoting the ideals of the party platform.

I know many in the part will hate this notion because they hate the idea of a Republican coming in and running on their ticket, but Rep. Justin Amash from Michigan needs to run for President as a Libertarian.

Currently, Amash is the most Libertarian member of Congress and has a proven track record in defense of Liberty. He is one of the most outspoken opponents of Donald Trump and his Presidency and he has the ability to present himself very well. He advocates daily on behalf of Liberty and does not sell himself to the party leaders in the GOP.

For a detailed voting record for Rep. Amash go to this Ballotpedia link.

The Libertarian Party needs a change and dynamic figure as the face of the party. Justin Amash provides that


Author: Robert J. Bentley

History and Political Science Professor in Colorado Springs, CO. Advocate for a free and voluntary society.

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