California Business Man to Bankroll a Super Pac in Support of Gary Johnson


One of the advantages that the two major parties have in the United States is money. Both the Republican and Democratic National Committee’s have a war chest of cash to spend, the campaigns have huge resources, and they have the backing of well funded Super PAC’s.

The Libertarian Party over the years has struggled because it spends most of the money it does have on ballot access, and whats left over for the general election is minuscule. The campaign doesn’t have enough resources to travel and spread the message and they are never able to spend the type of money on a race to be competitive.

Until now!

The power of the Super PAC is huge for a political campaign because it can raise and spend money in a different way. It has the ability to spend money that a campaign doesn’t have, and it can raise more money from individual donors.  It might seem like this is shady, but the fact of the matter rests on the idea that the two major parties have had this opportunity for years, and now it is coming to the Libertarian Party.

LA Biz is reporting that a California business man is going to bankroll $1 Million to a SuperPac in support of Gary Johnson:

The founder of a California tomato processing company will bankroll a Super PAC supporting Gary Johnson, the Libertarian Party’s nominee for president.

“We need to make this happen,” Chris Rufer told The Hill newspaper.

Rufer, who is president of Woodland, Calif.-based Morning Star, said he will will give at least $1 million to a Super PAC backing Johnson, but he hasn’t identified which group will get it. Possibilities include Purple PAC, a super PAC run by Cato Institute founder Ed Crane, and Free the People, an outside group run byMatt Kibbe, who had been a Rand Paul supporter.

A well funded SuperPac could really change the game for Johnson and the Libertarians this year.  They are trying to take advantage of one of the weirdest election cycles in recent history and a well funded campaign and support system could be a game changer.  Gary Johnson is already polling upwards of 11% nationally, and in some states it is up to 14%.  These are big numbers for a third party candidate and with the backing of some big money, that is typically spent on the two major parties, this could be a big election for the Libertarian Party and movement. Already two major SuperPac’s are forming around Gary Johnson, and now that some money is starting to roll in is promising for the movement and the prospect that Johnson has a real shot at winning this thing.


Author: Robert J. Bentley

Defender of #Liberty | Political Scientist & Historian | Founder of The Libertarian Vindicator (

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