Gary Johnson Rising to 9% in the Real Clear Politics Average

Every week we look at the Real Clear Politics average for the national polling done on the three way match-up between Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump, and Gary Johnson.  Last week with the polls that were conducted up to that point Governor Johnson was averaging 7.6%.  Within one week the Governor was able to pull that up 1.4% to 9%.


Talk about huge! Within one week the American people have gathered more information about the Libertarian ticket and we are seeing it in the poll numbers.  I would say thanks in part to the non-stop media attention that Gary Johnson and Bill Weld received it is paying off.  Too many people are wanting a different choice in November and it would seem that many are starting to see that Johnson is that different choice.

The polls are consistently showing that voters are still dissatisfied with their current choices and among independents it is a whole other ball game with Johnson leading Clinton among the independent voters in the recent Fox News Poll conducted this week.

Stay tuned next week for an updated RCP average and further analysis of the trends.


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