Libertarian Presidential Nominee Gary Johnson Proposes Sensible Immigration Solutions

Unlike the hate rhetoric coming out of the mouth of Donald Trump when it comes to immigration policy in the United States there are actually solutions to this hot issue of the 2016 Presidential campaign.  We are a nation of immigrants and were built on the idea that others came to this country for the prospect of a better life and a free life.

Libertarian Presidential nominee Gary Johnson provides the American people with sensible solutions on the immigration issue. Check out his interview with Fox Business:

These proposals are fundamental to the principles of the United States. Unlike Trump, who’s racist proposals against immigrants take us back centuries, we need to be willing to accept people in this country that want to be here. Yes there should be a process, but make it easy for immigrants who want jobs to get those jobs. We don’t need barriers that frustrate and provide for the illegal immigration we are already experiencing where we can’t track who is in this country. We need to be sensible.


One comment

  1. Why do you keep promoting the insane immigration positions of Lib Loons like Garry Johnson?

    I have a beautiful 27 year old daughter, I need to protect her, that’s impossible with basically unrestricted immigration from the 3rd world.

    How about the issue of disease, plagues? Ebola, Zita, bubonic plague. These open borders immigration, Libertarian true believers insist everything is about economics, free market economics (which we don’t have by any stretch of the imagination). The USA is a welfare state where basically the entire populations of Central America, Haiti, Islamic North Africa want to come to the USA for the free stuff like free K-18 public education.

    There seems to be no use trying to use reason with these Reason Magazine libertarian loons like Gary Johnson. He just needs to be hospitalized with a bad case of TB.


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