John Stossel Affirms Support for Gary Johnson to Bill O’Reilly

Last night John Stossel appeared on Bill O’Reilly’s program on Fox News to talk about his support for Gary Johnson in this year’s Presidential election. As the mainstream media and two-party system try to ride off Johnson’s candidacy, the support among Millions of Americans is still there.

Despite Bill O’Reilly’s efforts to deem Johnson unqualified, Stossel was able to craft a defense of him and the reasons that he and others are supporting the former Governor of New Mexico.

This is where the country has gone. If you are not a Republican or a Democrat then you are deemed unqualified to run for office. This conversation about Johnson last night wouldn’t have happened if he was the nominee of one of the major parties and anybody who would challenge that assumption is just part of the problem.

There is a wave of Liberty coming and even though Johnson won’t win this election he has started the process for future candidates that will challenge the status quo in the United States.

4 thoughts on “John Stossel Affirms Support for Gary Johnson to Bill O’Reilly

  1. Why doesn’t Stossel point out THE FACT that Johnson named Vincente Fox when asked about foreign leaders? Has he too bought into the lie the media has propagated that “Johnson couldn’t name one foreign leader”?


  2. Stossel may not have made the most compelling case for him here, but O’Reilly certainly didn’t make anything approximating an intelligent case against him, although I suppose it was intelligent enough for the average Fox News-watching vegetable.


  3. ‘The pot guy’?! That’s so very sophisticated. Gary Johnson likes pot, but stated that he doesn’t believe in smoking it on the job.
    I am a little concerned about him not knowing more names of foreign leaders, I admit it. However, I don’t believe that ISIS would all of a sudden say: ‘Now we can REALLY get started’ if Johnson were elected. Trump and Clinton aren’t any more qualified to predict what that group will do next.
    Finally, no Stossel didn’t make a compelling argument for Gary even though he and Weld’s economic track record in their respective states are impressive. He has many more concrete items listed on his to-do list than the other candidates.


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