Donald Trump Reigniting the Cold War One Tweet At A Time

This week has been a crazy one in regards to the actions and thinking of the President-Elect of the United States.  Donald Trump took to Twitter to reignite the nuclear arms race that this country once had with the old Soviet Union.


The President-Elect has taken the United States back 30 years when we use to have nuclear standoffs with the former Soviet Union and is propelling the world closer to annihilation.

For somebody that praised the likes of Ronald Reagan while seeking the Republican nomination, this is a far cry from what Reagan would ever have thought necessary. As a country, we spent decades drawing down our nuclear arsenal in order to avoid the apocalyptic standoffs we experienced with the communists.

The fears of the campaign are coming true. Many proclaimed that Trump was unstable and not qualified to be President and this one tweet is hard proof of that fact.

Yes, strength is important, but the ability to destroy the entire planet is not the foreign policy solution we need to seek.

2 thoughts on “Donald Trump Reigniting the Cold War One Tweet At A Time

  1. Isn’t this exactly what Reagan did. The Soviet system had failed and the only way to make it collapse was to force it to confront a military build up that they could not sustain.
    The policies used against Putin thus far have obviously not been successful. Might we need to deal with a strongman from a position of strengh?


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