The Paranoid Personality of Donald J. Trump


Our current President is an interesting man. He has claimed business success, been a television personality for many years, and has now dabbled into the world of politics. But there is something lurking in the wings about him and is personality. Many don’t like him and the things he says on a daily basis, and many follow him blindly and support him to no end. But who is Donald Trump and what might be his eventual downfall in politics?

Trump has a striking similarity to another President in our history. His constant need to tweet everything that happens around him, about him, or even not related have stirred my thinking of history. He claims that people are out to get him and that he must discredit them at every turn. He is now claiming that the Obama Administration wiretapped him during the 2016 campaign for President.

All of this bears a striking similarity to Richard Nixon, our most disgraced President who had to step down from the Presidency in a scandal.

Nixon was a very paranoid man. He believed that he had political enemies that were always out to get him going all the way back to his time as Vice-President under Ike. This paranoia stayed with him as he ran for Governor of California unsuccessfully and eventually to his time as President. His paranoia was so high that he installed a recording system in the Oval Office in order to use the recordings against anyone that might question his decisions or thinking. This, in turn, became his downfall and led to his resignation from the Presidency.

Donald Trump is going down this same path but in a different way. His insistent need to tweet about everything going on showcases a 21st Century Nixon.  He can’t control the fact that anyone would question him or criticize him for the decisions he makes. He has an addiction that is fueled by the many in this country that pound on him daily.

As the media in this country keeps hammering him for actions during and before his Presidency it will only put fuel to the fire in his paranoid brain that will lead to his eventual downfall. Something will come out either through investigation or from him sending a 3 am tweet that discloses vital information.

Donald J. Trump will be his own downfall!


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