House Freedom Caucus Confident They Can Stop Obamacare-Lite

The current bill being pushed through by the United States Congress to repeal and replace the Obama health care act is being meet with extreme resistance from Libertarians and Freedom loving individuals.

The current bill is basically Obamacare-Lite and many in Congress are not having it.

From A Libertarian Future:

Freedom Caucus Chairman Mark Meadows recently discussed his problems with Obamacare-Lite and why he endorsed Rand Paul’s Obamacare replacement instead. Paul Ryan’s bill simply doesn’t do anything to lower the cost of healthcare insurance. It keeps in place all of the regulations that determine what is or isn’t considered health insurance. Those mandatory minimums are what raised the price and got millions of plans cancelled in the first place. There’s also the massive new entitlement program created with so-called advance tax credits. With all of those concerns, Mark Meadows is confident “a vote of 216 votes in the House would not happen today”.

Many members of Congress have taken to Twitter in order to express their displeasure of the current bill being pushed by the GOP leadership.




The problem that has always existed with current GOP leadership is all talk and no real action. They campaign on promises that they will be the advocates of small government, but once in power, they abandon those principles for the hopes of staying in power.

The Freedom caucus in the House and Senate is the last line of defense to the big government power grab that is experienced by the other members of Congress.


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