Newly Elected LP of Colorado Board is a Powerhouse of Colorado Libertarians


The 2017 convention for the Libertarian Party of Colorado has come to a close and was a resounding success. From the planning of the event to the host of speakers that came from around the country, and to the actual business of the party it couldn’t have gone better.

With the convention this year came the election of a new board of directors. With this newly elected leadership, Colorado has put itself on the national stage as one of the most dedicated and experienced state party affiliate.

The Libertarian Party of Colorado Board of Directors

Chair - Wayne Harlos
Vice Chair - Richard Longstreth
Legislative - Michael Stapleton
Campaigns - Kim Tavendale
Outreach - Kevin Gulbranson
Membership - Steve Gallant
Regions - Daniel Lutz
Records - Mike Spalding
Treasurer - John Hjersman
Fundraising - Eric Mulder
Communications- Caryn Ann Harlos

With this new dedicated team of Colorado Libertarians, the party is on par to impact real change in our great state. Pushing liberty and freedom at all levels of the state will have a dramatic impact on our future in Colorado and for the Libertarian movement.

States like Washington better watch out! Colorado is ready to lead the way for the future of the Libertarian Party.


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