How Libertarians Can Get Themselves Back Into The Nation’s Political Sphere

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The 2016 Presidential election was one of the most successful for the Libertarian Party. For the past decade, the ideas and concepts of Libertarianism have become mainstream with current politicians like Rand Paul, Justin Amash, Thomas Massie, and many others peddling the concepts of freedom and liberty at the highest levels. Despite years of embarrassment from fringe members and dancing fat guys at the national convention, the Libertarians have the ability to offer something quite different to the American people, with some of the most widely accepted policy proposals.

For years the Republicans and Democrats have seized the power in this country, but Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton have given us an opportunity to change the landscape of politics for years to come. It’s time for libertarians to detach themselves from both populism and progressivism and present a viable alternative to the charade in Washington D.C. and across this country.

The Libertarians need to present a slate of candidates that people can actually get behind. Despite our endorsement for Gary Johnson during the 2016 election, he presented the American people with some embarrassing moments that drew many away. We are not saying that any of the other candidates running for President as Libertarians would have done any better, and despite the fact that Johnson did break party records with votes, there has to be some seriousness that propels the movement further.

Libertarians need to be involved in every situation possible. There is always so much infighting among us that we tend to neglect the current issues that are facing this country. We need to push through a concise opinion on the issues that will draw people to our movement and our positions.

The positions of Libertarianism are mainstream ideas. The concept of limited government in both economic and personal aspects of our lives is not a new age idea. It is, however, not packaged well to present to the American people.   The two major parties can’t articulate what the majority of this country wants. However, the Libertarian Party has the prime opportunity to present this package.

The current national party is doing a great job redesigning and packaging the Libertarian Party into this new age party. They have been working hard to rebrand and use social media to expand their reach. Many of the state parties have jumped on board with this redesign as well. It needs to be 100% across the board for this movement to be taken seriously by the people and the press.

The final piece to this puzzle is to not back away from principle. Each of the major parties has so many factions that they compromise on principle at every turn in order to keep their power. The Libertarian Party needs to hold true to their statement of principles, and platform, in order to draw people in that appreciates standing on what you believe in. This guiding foundation offers solutions to all the problems we face as a country and it can showcase a way for the American people to think.

The next generation of the classical liberals should read its Mises, Hayek, and Friedman. But it should also comment insightfully on voucher programs, trade agreements, and defending the Baltic States. If it does both in a nation rampant with cheap emotionalism, Libertarians can become the adults of American politics.


One thought on “How Libertarians Can Get Themselves Back Into The Nation’s Political Sphere

    tombeebe said:
    April 1, 2017 at 5:08 pm

    Best comment I’ve seen from or about Libertarianism. I hope many will select the candidates who both have a chance AND will introduce SOME Libertarian ideas into the policies they would push if elected. My choice is Rand Paul, whom I mention here only because I’ve seen him attacked as everything up to and including “fascist”. If politics is correctly characterized as “the art of the possible”, then the only missing thing in Libertarian arsenals is the embrace of what’s possible.

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