May The 4th Be With You & May We Stop Wars!


Today is the celebrated May the 4th day in the United States.  The Star Wars saga brought hope and anger to the world that was deeply involved in the Cold War at the time of its creation. As Americans celebrate this day and cheer the lasting legacy of the Star Wars franchise let us stop and remember that we currently live in a world that is constantly at war and never stops our empirical quest for power.

The Libertarian Party believes our nation should have a strong military. It should be used for defense of this country, not for “nation building” or for “police actions” around the world.

Our current world is ridden with situations that have presented challenges to the world establishment that has caused armed conflicts. Our current President is already saber rattling by proclaiming to take out countries like North Korea and Iran. We have had problems in the past of sticking our noses into the affairs of other countries and this has caused the anger and resentment that they feel towards us.

We need to stop the wars and push for a world that is situated in a state of peace. The only way to achieve such a feat is to open up our borders with one another and trade freely. Country’s that trade with one another will not shoot one another! It is a simple concept to grasp and should be considered the ultimate goal of our government.

President Trump and previous Presidents have been abrasive towards free trade and world peace in return for military power to make them feel stronger. Yes, we can have a strong military but it doesn’t mean we have to use it all the time. We have a right to defend ourselves from aggressive acts, but we don’t need to be seeking out problems the way we currently do.


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