Montana Libertarian Congressional Candidate Breaks Vote Record

1 Mark Wicks

After recent news of the Republican candidate for Montana’s special United States House election body slamming a Guardian reporter, it appeared that the Libertarian party may have a shot to make a real impact. That we did, as Mark Wicks, the Libertarian candidate, received 5.7% of the vote, breaking the record for vote total for a Libertarian candidate in Montana.

Wicks exceeded Gary Johnson’s total of 5.6%, showing that the Libertarian party may be gaining ground as a serious contender in political races.

The before mentioned Republican candidate, Greg Gianforte, won the election with 50.2% of the vote, while Democratic candidate, Rob Quist, received only 40.2%.

The Libertarian’s family has lived in Montana for three generations and after leaving the Army Reserves due to health reasons, he returned to the state to begin raising cattle and sheep. Wicks also has owned and operated gift shops and authored Wrath of the Dodo, a work of fiction that follows a family living in a world destroyed by bird flu.

“As an entrepreneur, he understands the needs and wants of Montanans who put on coveralls, smocks, scrubs, and suits, and go to work just so they can live the life they want without interference,” states the Libertarian Party of Montana.

The candidate received much praise for his excellent performance on the televised debates and was most noted for his “epic” closing statement comparing the other candidates to trucks.

He ran on a platform of limiting government interference in education, balancing the federal budget to chip away at the U.S. national debt and keep social security stable, and ending the mandates on health insurance.

Follow Mark Wicks online below:

Mark Wick Campaign Website

Mark Wick Facebook

Mark Wick Twitter


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