Spotlight on Libertarians: Ed Pace, Spokane Valley City Council

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This week’s Spotlight on Libertarians will be about Ed Pace, Councilman for Spokane Valley, Wash.

Councilman Pace was elected in 2013, running on a platform of making spending cuts in everywhere but roads and public safety, and reducing costs and increasing efficiency of government services. When asked about how to fund additional officers for the city, Pace stated “This can happen through spending cuts in other areas and broadening our tax base so we don’t need to raise taxes or add new taxes.”

Encouraging discussion with his constituents, the Councilman is active on Twitter, using it ask about issues like the low number of people on the city’s buses, or respond to criticisms.

The Vietnam veteran and former Lutheran pastor supports the recent bill that would allow Eastern Washington to secede and become the new state of Liberty. “What would it look like if we created a state that was more business friendly state?” asked the Councilman in an interview.

The Libertarian will be up for reelection in 2017 with the motto of “No New Taxes.” His plans, should he be reelected, are to introduce term-limits, “building community one cup of coffee at a time, less government, less government and more freedom.”
Unlike most politicians, Pace is encouraging people to step up and run against him stating “The only way for our democratic system for to really work […] we need a lot of participation.”

He realizes the importance of having a variety of voices that represent the people and demonstrated this when two council members resigned. When asked on choosing new councilmen, he claimed “[…] I’m not going to pick a dud just because I think they will get along with me.”

Follow Councilman Ed Pace on Facebook here and Twitter here.



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