New York Town Councilor Switches to LP

1 mike

Michael Becallo, Cicero, NY Town Councilor announced yesterday on social media that he would be switching from the Republican Party to the Libertarian Party making him New York’s first elected Libertarian in the state.

Becallo, also known as the Taxpayer’s Watchdog, was elected to his position in 2014 and has been a “strong advocate for taxpayers and small businesses.” The Councilor ran for New York State Assembly in 2016 on a platform of lowering taxes, decreasing government spending, creating jobs, imposing ethics reforms and stopping common core.

One Cicero resident stated in a letter to the editor of the Eagle Star Review, “Mike has fought hard to try to cut costs, reduce spending and reduce taxes for the residence of Cicero. He has faced incredible opposition from the rest of the town board in his efforts, but one simple look back to meeting minutes throughout the last two years and this is no farce, as he is actually fighting for these items.”

We welcome Michael Becallo to the Libertarian Party. His switching makes him the seventh elected official in the United States to switch to the Libertarian Party, and the second to do so yesterday, from one of the major parties in less than a year. This is fantastic news for the Libertarian Party and freedom and we hope to see more elected officials realize that the two major parties aren’t for the people anymore.



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