LP Cuba Spokesman & Province President Arrested & Released

LP Cuba

It’s been over a week since the Libertarian Party of Cuba’s President, Vice-President and Spokesman were arrested in the Camaguey province, where they planned to inaugurate a new headquarters, and the state has not ceased to attempt to silence them.

The remaining party members and the North American Spokesman, Zach Foster, were able to make some contact with the officers as they were being detained on a bus to Havana, but were unable to make contact after a short while.

The three were released 30 hours later. Nelson returned to Camaguey after the experience. 

Three days later, the state police came to the headquarters in Havana to threaten to stop an event that the party had planned. Demonstrations and events by any party that is not the Communist party are strictly prohibited.

And the harassment by the police hasn’t stopped as Nelson Rodriguez Chartrand, Spokesman for the Libertarian Party of Cuba, and the President of the Camaguey headquarters were arrested by the state.

Members of the party teamed up with the Feminine Front, a group within the party focusing on the state’s mistreatment and imprisoning of women, and Orlando Zapata Movement to protest in front of the prison where the two were being detained. Party members in Havana planned on joining the Camaguey party in spreading protest posters in the streets were the officers not released.

This evening, Nelson and Alexis were released from prison.

Below is a statement from the LP Cuba North American Spokesman, Zach Foster, on their release:

“Cuban LP national spokesman Nelson and Camaguey province president Alexis were both released from jail today!!! We owe a debt of gratitude to LP Tennessee and all the individuals who publicly stood with us. For all those who didn’t, your silence is forgiven but forgotten.”

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