Libertarian Party to Clean Up National Mall During Government Shutdown

With the government shutdown still in full effect some national landmarks are suffering with then filth of the American people. However, the Libertarian Party is taking care of that in Washington by cleaning up the national mall.

Real action by real people to keep their country clean. We don’t need a government to do the work that good honest people are willing to do out of the kindness of their heart.

If you are in the DC area on Sunday 1/6/2019 and want to attend check out the Facebook event here


Author: Robert J. Bentley

Defender of #Liberty | Political Scientist & Historian | Founder of The Libertarian Vindicator (

11 thoughts

  1. Why aren’t businesses stepping in to offer to clean it up? Isn’t the private sector supposed to fill the void left if government were to cease operations?

    Instead we have the Libertarian Party pooling resources to collectively perform a social service. Just like government pools resources to collectively perform social services. So thanks for demonstrating the value of government!


    1. The government doesn’t “pool” resources to collectively perform social services, the government steals resources. The fact that people will do it voluntarily without being rob proves that we DON’T need government!


      1. You really think people would just volunteer to do this indefinitely? And you really think this is actually gonna work this time? Gosh, you’re naive . . . .


      2. My neighborhood does a weekly clean-up of trash from a local strip mall. It’s not unbelievable that a people-organized public service could be a regular and recurring thing.
        This proves the value of people, not government.


    2. This is a huge miss representation, Businesses aren’t suppose to take care of it, YOU are! as I am. Not all of us have to do it but a lot of us need to. Its about taking the liberty and ownership of your community.


  2. Can we all assume the trash wouldn’t be there but for the trash who call themselves liberals and think everyone else owes them a living, and disregard common decency.


  3. when they are done ,cleaning up thear own mess , jump in the dumpster, and be an asett to us all - instead of a problem to our well being !


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