The 2020 Potential Libertarian Presidential Candidates-Updated

The 2020 Presidential Election Season is fast approaching and Libertarians are wondering who will stir the ship during all the craziness that will ensue with this election.

For two elections in a row Gary Johnson was the face of the Libertarian Party and now the party faithful is looking for something different. With the many choices within the party, there are a few that have either declared their candidacy or are speculated to do so.

Declared Candidates

  • Adam Kokesh, an anti-war political activist who has announced plans to run for President in 2020 on the platform of an “orderly dissolution of the federal government
  • John McAfee, CEO of Luxcore (2018–presentFounder and CEO of McAfee Associates, Inc. (1987–1994) Candidate for President in 2016
  • Arvin Vohra, American politician, author, educator, and former vice-chairman of the Libertarian National Committee. Vohra ran for the Maryland House of Delegates once, and for U.S. House twice, as a Libertarian. He was a candidate for U.S. Senate in the 2018 election in Maryland. He lost to Ben Cardin and won 1% of the vote.
  • Kim Ruff, a Libertarian Party activist. She established the Niagara County Libertarian Party in 2015, following a previously proposed western New York chapter.
  • Sam Seder, Host of The Majority Report (2004–present) Actor, political analyst, comedian
  • Ben Leder, Libertarian Party Activist
  • Sandra Salas was a Libertarian candidate for Pennsylvania’s 7th Congressional District in the U.S. House. Salas ran in the special election on November 6, 2018.
  • Daniel Behrman was a 2014 Libertarian candidate for District 125 of the Texas House of Representatives.[

Speculated Candidates

  • Larry Sharpe, an American business consultant, entrepreneur, and political activist. He was a candidate for the Libertarian Party nomination for Vice President of the United States in 2016, losing narrowly to former Massachusetts Governor Bill Weld. Sharpe was also the Libertarian nominee for Governor of New York in the 2018 gubernatorial election. Sharpe is the founder and Managing Director of Neo-Sage Group, Inc.
  • Justin Amash, U.S. Representative from Michigan 2011–present
  • Tom Campbell, former U.S Representative 1995-2001, the Republican nominee for United States Senate primary election in California, 2000, and Republican candidate for United States Senate primary election in California, 2010
  • Jeffrey Miron, an American economist, and former chairman of the Department of Economics at Boston University from 1992-1998
  • Peter Schiff, American stockbroker, financial commentator, and radio personality
  • Joe Walsh,[ U.S. Representative from Illinois 2011–2013
  • Howard Schultz, former Chairman of Starbucks[

Author: Robert J. Bentley

Defender of #Liberty | Political Scientist & Historian | Founder of The Libertarian Vindicator (

One thought

  1. Who has the potential to raise the money required to wage an effective campaign against the two big parties. No one wants money to decide which party wins, but what we want and what we need so Libertarian influence can means something has to start somewhere.

    Looking at this list all but two have a snowballs chance in Arizona of winning. Howard Shultz most likely will run as the independent, leaving Amish as the only one with credentials to wage an effective campaign.

    Whatever and whoever happens, it needs to happen quickly so the Libertarian Party can begin promoting its candidates early and often. In doing that, the party may gather enough support to get on stage with the two major party candidates in debates. I would not wait on SCOTUS to rule in favor of third parties against the commission that provides the debates.


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