Justin Amash Inching Closer to Presidential Run

With the 2020 Presidential Election starting to take shape the Libertarian shpere of American Politics is looking for someone to turn to in order to push their ideas forward.

Congressman Justin Amash of Michigan has hinted at the prospect of running for President and possibly running on the Libertarian ticket. That decision from Congressman Amash is inching closer to happening.

“Well, it’s more on my radar every day, because I keep getting asked about it now,” Amash told Lions of Liberty podcaster Marc Clair in an interview posted last week. “I think there were just some people sort of talking about it on social media, and then Jake Tapper must have picked up on that and asked me the question, so now more people are talking about it. So obviously I’m thinking about it a little more.” More:

I just think it’s important that we offer some alternative. And I think we need someone out there who can be a bridge for people, who can present a libertarian message but also bring people together. And I think the libertarian message is one that unites people across the political spectrum.

I think of it as a fairly moderate approach to governing, the idea that we follow a Constitution, we follow the rule of law, and we uphold liberty. I think this is a moderate approach to our government, and it’s I think what most people want. Most people who aren’t politically active, who are just at home and don’t want to have to think about government, they kind of want our government to just stay out of their lives for the most part, stop messing things up, and stop dividing everyone.

The prospect of this Liberty minded Congressman running for President has us excited at The Libertarian Vindicator. The voice of Liberty is missing from the national conversation right now and Justin Amash would bring that voice front and center.

Party faithful in the Libertarian Party will be hesitant as always with a Republican coming in and trying to take the nomination but it is the only way to spread the Libertarian message and Amash is as Libertarian as they come. He has consistently questioned President Trump and refuses to be a party hack in Congress. He questions almost every thing the Republican Party pushes forward in Congress and is the consistent voice for Liberty that has been missing since Ron Paul’s departure a few years back.

We are team Amash and will keep monitoring the progression of his decision.


Author: Robert J. Bentley

Defender of #Liberty | Political Scientist & Historian | Founder of The Libertarian Vindicator (www.libertarianvindicator.com)

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