President Trump Reinstates Restrictions Against Cuba; Fails to See Past Humanitrian Issues in Saudi Arabia Sells Them Weapons

Today President Trump ventured down to Miami, Florida to begin the process of rolling back Obama era policies agains the country of Cuba. Over the past few years Obama had lifted travel restrictions to the communist island, opened up trading networks, and begin the process of lifting the embargo we have had since the 1960’s. 

From the LA Times:

  • President Trump on Friday rolled back some, but not all, of his predecessor’s historic opening to Cuba, making it more difficult to travel to and do business with the Communist-ruled island.
  • In a speech in Miami, during which he greeted Cuban dissidents and denounced the Cuban regime, Trump said Cuban rulers were profiting from better relations with Washington but that ordinary Cuban citizens continued to be repressed.
  • “The previous administration’s easing of restrictions on travel and trade does not help the Cuban people, they only enrich the Cuban regime,” he said. 
  • The result has been “only more repression.”
  • “I am canceling the previous administration’s completely one-sided deal,” he declared.
  • Trump’s actions will restrict the ways U.S. citizens can travel to Cuba and block business deals by American companies that might give revenue to the Cuban military.

There is one problem with this historic announcement…what about Saudi Arabia?

We have one of the most hypocritical governments in the world. We stand up on our high horse like Trump did today and proclaim the actions of a country to be in humane and unjustified and then we ban certain things from them. We don’t allow people to travel there and prohibit the free exchange of goods. 

Then he bounces to the other side of the world to one of the most oppressive regimes in the Middle East, Saudi Arabia, proclaims them to be friends of the United States and then sells the a butt load of weapons from our military arsenal. 

Now, were does the logic fall apart in this scenario?

We need free trade and free exchanges. We can’t have that when a President of the United States contradicts his actions on a daily basis. 


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