Governor Gary Johnson Holds Commanding Lead Among Libertarian Party Members and Delegates

The week of May 17th-20th the Libertarian Party and Hammer of Truth conducted a survey of all its due paying members and delegates to the National Convention.  In this survey many questions were asked about the direction of the party, the new logo design, and a host of other issues.

The main thing to come out of this survey is the preference in the Presidential nominating contest. According to this new survey, conducted a week before the nominating convention in Orlando, Governor Gary Johnson holds a commanding 44 point lead among the party faithful and delegates to the convention.


Hammer of Truth is pleased to announce the results of a first ever scientific membership survey conducted between May 17th-20th of current or lapsed less than one year dues paying members, including delegates to the upcoming National Convention in Orlando, Florida.

This is probably the best indication of what will happen this coming weekend in Orlando.  Online polls conducted by other websites, on Twitter, and in other venues are not a good representation of actual support because all it takes is one candidate to re-tweet that poll and have his followers be the only ones that vote in it.  We experienced this multiple times in our very own Twitter polls.

Gary Johnson appears to be the overwhelming choice of the party and delegates to the convention.  Every delegate is unbound and free to vote for whomever they want.  With over 60% in this survey saying they want Gary Johnson as the nominee of the party he is well on his way to securing this nomination on the first ballot.


Gary Johnson has the proven record to lead the party forward and it seems the party is ready to rally behind him.  The need to grow the party and bring it to the mainstream seems to be the driving force behind the Johnson candidacy.

We are in contact with sources close to the convention to get a rough delegate count and will update this story as that information becomes available. 

A side note for this survey suggests that Nicholas Sarwark is well on his way to being re-elected chairman of the Libertarian Party with over 59% of respondents voting.



Author: Robert J. Bentley

Defender of #Liberty | Political Scientist & Historian | Founder of The Libertarian Vindicator (

7 thoughts

    1. I agree. Austin needs some real world perspective and a filter for all the bad mouthing his opponents. It drives people to your opponent and away from you. I would gladly vote for Austin in 4 years, if he can just adjust these things. He is a fun guy, but this is a serious job.

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  1. While I like Austin he does lack experience. Might I suggest he run for some office to get some. Even in another party for experience is the important thing. Gary Johnson and his running mate have that.

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  2. So we’re just going to ignore that this is completely irrelevant, non binding, and that the convention has never reflected the polls in libertarian party history?



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