Time for Republican Leaders to Come Out of the Shadows and Support Gary Johnson for President


There is a moment in your life when you lock yourself in a closet to hide from the worries of the world and pray that the evil will pass. The 2016 Presidential election kind of feels like this childhood scenario and many in the two major parties are in the process of reliving this scary moment.

The Republican Party is most likely clinching their teeth in fear that they have made the worst decision in American politics by nominating Donald Trump as their standard bearer. They are seeing the destruction of their movement at the hands of a psychopath and are currently preparing for the worst.

There is a way out for these disaffected leaders of the Republican Party and a light at the end of the tunnel. His name is Gary Johnson, the former Republican Governor of New Mexico, and his running mate Bill Weld, the former Republican Governor of Massachusetts. Yes, they are Libertarians, but at the end of the day titles really don’t matter when you have the anti-christ Donald Trump running for President.

Here is my message for the Republicans that are lost and scared. Don’t let anyone tell you that a vote for a third party is a wasted vote. See past the ignorance of that statement and look deep into your hearts and realize that the future of our country is at stake and your conscience is the only thing that can save it from destruction.

Yes, you might disagree with certain policy positions of Gary Johnson and Bill Weld, but you agree on almost everything else. You have been told for years that the Libertarian movement is just a bunch of pot smokers that want to legalize weed, but that is a falsehood that has been perpetuated by your party in order to stay in power.

The Libertarian philosophy is more than that. It is a philosophy built around freedom. The idea that you can live your life the way you see fit as long as your actions don’t affect the lives of others around you. It is a simple approach to thinking and governing that gets lost in nonsense preached by leaders of your party for years.

The moment is upon us to really change the direction of this country and standing by Donald Trump for President takes us back 50 years to a time when people lived in fear of the unknown. Stand up for freedom and vote your conscience and vote for Gary Johnson for President.

Learn more at http://www.johnsonweld.com

6 thoughts on “Time for Republican Leaders to Come Out of the Shadows and Support Gary Johnson for President

  1. Gary Johnson is not an ELITIST. Donald J. Trump and Hillary Clinton are ELITISTS. Their Smarmy Actions Of Guile have unquestionably contributed to making them the most unpopular candidates in American History. Right now the United States desperately needs someone to stand out as a “CONSCIENCE”. About 85 years ago, we had someone who fit this description in every respect. His name was WILL ROGERS. He had success as a movie star, stage performer, author and purveyor of the American Way of Life. He was respected throughout the world like no other American of his time. No man would have ever accused him of being an ELITIST. He spoke truth to power in his own Unique way. His example can be followed today. If any man exemplified the most famous quotation from Andrew Jackson it was WILL ROGERS.
    The quotation is “ONE MAN WITH COURAGE MAKES A MAJORITY”. Courage is not displayed and exemplified by ELITISTS. Give Gary Johnson a CHANCE to display this type of COURAGE in the Presidential Debates, as Will Rogers did 85 years ago.

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  2. If you truly believe that this is the year to overcome the hold the two-party system has on our Presidential Elections, then the time is now to offer a UNIQUE VISION OF TRANSFORMATIONAL CHANGE. The Republican and Democratic Candidates are singularly unpopular with the American Electorate. One might even compare this election to the Allegory of the Scorpion and the Frog. The main two-parties have Scorpions as their party standard. We now need a FROG, who proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that he has a GOOD, possibly GREAT VISION for our country. This is your CHALLENGE and your MISSION, should you decide to accept it.

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  3. This country needs, wants, and is BEGGING for TRANSFORMATIONAL CHANGE, both from the left and right political spectrum. A moniker of “UNLEASH QUALITY IN AMERICA” with the corresponding principles behind this phrase could be the starting point for a RENAISSANCE of TRANSFORMATIONAL CHANGE. The principles behind “UNLEASH QUALITY IN AMERICA” have transformed an entire nation and numerous companies and corporations throughout the world. I pray that you, Mr. Gary Johnson, have the INTELLECTUAL CURIOSITY to allow me the opportunity to discuss this new concept for politics in the near future. I truly believe that this new moniker could be the CATALYST to produce your entry point into the Presidential Debates.


  4. Another moniker for consideration.

    FOR U.S.-A.LL

    The principles referenced above would apply to this moniker just like “UNLEASH QUALITY IN AMERICA “.


  5. This country needs, wants, and is BEGGING for TRANSFORMATIONAL CHANGE, both from the left and right political spectrum.
    Both Donald J. Trump and Bernie Sanders resonated with the electorate. Especially with Donald J. Trump, his supporters are willing to “THROW THE DICE” for any reasonable or unreasonable type of CHANGE. There is only one problem. He is a SMOG (SMARMY MAN OF GUILE), who only knows how to create WIN-LOSE situations.
    HE WINS, YOU LOSE. As Louis C.K. said, “Donald Trump is not one of us, he is one of him”. This is a man DEVOID OF EMPATHY OR A MORAL COMPASS. This country DESERVES BETTER.


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