Austin Petersen is the Future of the Liberty Movement

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As the dust has settled over the Libertarian Party the question becomes, what does the future hold for the party and the movement?  Gary Johnson has been given the torch in this tumultuous election year and is trying to make people take notice of the ideas of economic freedom and personal liberty.  But who will pick up that torch once November is over? Well we have an idea, that new torch bearer should be Austin Petersen.

Austin Petersen ran a spirited campaign for liberty ,and as one of the youngest people running for President, assembled a new army of freedom ninjas that are prepared to commit a coup de’tat of the government and then do the unspeakable…leave everyone alone.

Austin is able to articulate the Libertarian principles and consistently uses the ideas of Milton Friedman and Ron Paul to advance these ideas to a mass audience. His understanding of history and politics puts him steps above a lot of people that typically run for President.

Check out this interview he did with Glenn Beck just before the Libertarian Convention.  It highlights the seriousness and intellect that Austin has for the issues and principles of Libertarianism:

The future of this country is uncertain.  Two of the most divisive politicians in history have captured their party’s nominations for President and the path for the United States is dark.  An entire generation is anxiously waiting to see the outcome of this Presidential election and are beginning to adapt a different brand of thinking. The belief that we should have economic and personal freedom is becoming more mainstream thanks to the work of many Libertarians over the years and this election is solidifying those efforts.

While Austin Petersen lost the nomination for the Libertarian Party, he has positioned himself as the next wave.  The party has many in it that hang on to the old order, and Austin was able to put a big dent in it with his run for the Presidency.  It is now time for the next generation to lead the path of liberty and it appears that Austin will be that torch bearer.  Even though many of his supporters are upset that he wasn’t able to capture the nomination this time around, they need to hold out hope that the future is endless for their guy. He spread tidal waves across this country that made people think about the concept of Liberty the same way that Ron Paul did years ago.

We look forward to working with Austin in the future and pressing the ideas of economic freedom and personal liberty to more people. The Libertarian movement is a fundamental maxim to the success of this country and it is the mission of all of us to ensure that progression takes place.




3 thoughts on “Austin Petersen is the Future of the Liberty Movement

    Fritz Sands said:
    June 8, 2016 at 10:03 pm

    I think this is wonderful. But perhaps before Mr. Pertersen runs for President again, he should gain some executive government experience. Perhaps by getting elected to be the governor of a state.


    Scott Scrimshaw said:
    June 8, 2016 at 10:18 pm

    I disagree with this assessment completely. He may be media savvy and bright but he is also mean-spirited and uneven in temperament. Obtaining the title of being the Donald Trump of the Libertarian Party is no triumph. If he becomes the “future” of the Party he’ll be so on the coattails of Johnson/Weld. He’ll be the Tea Party of the Libertarian movement paving the way for a future mass exodus out of the Libertarian Party…

    Or as one person posted elsewhere on Facebook - “If being pro-bigotry and prejudicial discrimination, plus a return to coat-hanger abortions, is the future of the “liberty” movement, consider me gone. Liberty is liberty for all, not just obnoxious, white, male, trolls.”

    The influx of new people might have something to say about it’s direction and it’s future leaders…. Unless of course Petersen et al thinks the Party belongs to them and not to America. Republicans/Democrats made that mistake post Reagan and are now paying for it dearly.


    code4liberty said:
    June 9, 2016 at 9:15 am

    Personally, I would be looking at Judd Weiss and Larry Sharpe. However, the LP may not be able to keep people like Judd Weiss interested in the party. A lot of libertarians like Judd find that the LP is the biggest sinkhole of time, energy, and money in the wider liberty movement.

    However, finding other vehicles to promote liberty is likely to help the LP more than the LP’s own campaigns. This idea of trying to win without a good foundation in the ideas of liberty is not going to grow the party. What grows the party is educating people about the ideas of liberty. “Be Libertarian with me one time,” is not a way to convince people to stay and become active members.


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