Gary Johnson Leads Donald Trump Among Millennials in New Pew Research Poll


For a third party candidate to break out and make an impact on an election they are going to have to commit some type of revolution that will transform the political system in the United States.  Many will ask where does it start, and there is one simple answer to that question.  The young voter is key to changing the game in American politics.

A new national poll conducted by the Pew Research Center shows Gary Johnson at 11% nationally against Trump and Clinton.  However, the big news to come out of this poll is that the former Republican governor turned Libertarian is beating the current presumptive Republican nominee is an important category.

Among 18-29 year olds, a key demographic in the electorate, Gary Johnson bests Donald Trump.

Screen Shot 2016-07-08 at 8.19.27 AM

This is a huge advantage for a third party, and even though Johnson might not win the Presidency, this sets up the Libertarian Party as a party of the future.  Capturing the youth vote is what was key to Obama’s victory in 2008, and has the ability to really change the electoral math in this country.

Plus it is nice to see that Trump is losing to this “fringe” candidate among a key voting bloc.



  1. This is wonderful news; I have been a Libertarian for several decades, and now we can finally see that more and more Americans are fed up with both main parties. I can only hope to live long enough to see Libertarianism become a significant national party for the sake of my children and their progeny.


  2. Still far behind Clinton among that group, for God only knows what reason. At this point, with even the FBI having capitulated, there is nothing that can stop Hillary now.


  3. Interesting. But 18-29 is hardly a key voting bloc. Turnout among young adults is worse than any other demographic.


  4. this is definitely a touchy topic but one that needs to be spoken to and about. i too have spent way too much time waging a battle of managing people’s expectations and opinions of me.trying to walk the delicate balance of never offending or disappointing people. never saw it as a form of pride. wow. thanks for this!


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