Democrats Now Fear the Gary Johnson Candidacy as Clinton Poll Numbers Fall


Hillary Clinton’s poll numbers against Donald Trump have fallen to all-time lows, and now according to Real Clear Politics is barely holding on to a victory in the Electoral College.

Now that we have seen the collapse of the Clinton campaign the blame is starting to go around and specifically the Clinton machine and Democrats are taking their shots at an unlikely source, Gary Johnson.

From Politico:

Gary Johnson said a Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump presidency would be deeply flawed and shrugged off the notion that he could play spoiler in a tight presidential contest, despite fears among Democrats, in particular, that he’s snatching votes from Clinton.
“The people voting for me are voting for Gary Johnson,” the Libertarian presidential contender said Sunday on ABC’s “This Week,” with George Stephanopoulos. “I take great pride in the fact that I am actually offering an alternative. … Fifty percent of people that are registering to vote are registering as independents. How is it that we can only have two candidates?”

“I’m going to sleep well at the end of all this, giving people a first vote, not a second vote, not a lesser of two evils.”
Clinton’s campaign manager, Robby Mook, who spoke earlier on the same program, shrugged off Johnson’s impact on the race.

“He’s taking votes from both candidates, but your own poll showed that his numbers are — are dropping,” he said, referring to a new Washington Post/ABC poll that showed Johnson dipping to 5 percent support. “I don’t think that they’re — that either of the third party candidates are really going to factor into the head-to-head in this race.”

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Yes, Gary Johnson’s poll numbers continue to fall in the key polls needed to gain entry to the Presidential debates. However, when you have the two-party machine doing everything they can to make sure he doesn’t get into the debates it makes sense.

Johnson is giving voters a clear alternative to the demagogy of the two-party elite and it is starting to scare them. Republicans have already been scared of a Johnson candidacy and now that tide has turned to the Democrats.


Author: Robert J. Bentley

Defender of #Liberty | Political Scientist & Historian | Founder of The Libertarian Vindicator (

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  1. “Deeply flawed.” I remember a political analyst writing that he had once published a critique if some new liberal scheme. Later in the day he saw a colleague on TV remarking that this analysis was “deeply flawed.” The next day this same colleague called him to ask if he might send her a copy of his article to read.


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