Trump Ends First 100 Days With Lowest Approval Rating in History


Now that President Trump has ended his first 100 days as President he is now considered the most unpopular President in history.

From the Hill:

President Trump’s average approval rating is the lowest since Gallup began presidential approval surveys in 1953, the polling firm said Thursday.

Trump’s approval rating has been as low as 39 percent since January, but averaged out at 41 percent. According to Gallup, the historical average approval of presidents is 61 percent.

The previous president to hold Gallup’s lowest approval rating in their first quarter was former President Bill Clinton, who had a 55 percent approval rating.



One thought on “Trump Ends First 100 Days With Lowest Approval Rating in History

  1. Everyone is missing the big picture because they are stuck in the valley of hate and are so full of hate they can not see the next valley over. This country has been split into us and them by the two party system. We need a more inclusive political system that has more to offer. Other democratic nations around the world have many different parties. The two party system has created and intensified the us and them mentality to the point that the government can not function very well. we need to remove the barriers of third and forth parties created by the Democrates and Republicans and expand the number of parties and open up the conversation to others that do not identify as being Dem or Rep. Lets have a political system that reflects the diversity of America with diverse parties.

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