Libertarian Party Seeking To Hire Press Secretary

In a recent update by Libertarian Party Executive Director Wes Benedict, the party is looking to hire a Press Secretary, so that more events like Nicholas Sarwark being interviewed on Glenn Beck can happen.

In order to accomplish this, the party would need to raise the budget by $15,000. Donations to make this happen can be done here

With the recent controversy surrounding Arvin Vohra, there has been a demand for better marketing and image from the party leadership and hiring a press secretary would be a step in the right direction.

Full statement below

Last week, Libertarian Party Chair Nicholas Sarwark was interviewed on two of Glenn Beck’s programs.


Here is a clip from the TV interview.


Do you want to see more interviews like this?


Do you want to see Libertarian Party spokesmen on major news outlets on a regular basis?


To work towards that, the Libertarian Party is seeking to hire a full-time, experienced Press Secretary.


This new staffer will be responsible for outreach to the press, building relationships with them, and helping get more media attention for the party and our candidates.


In order to make that possible, we need to expand the budget by $15,000.


This is a bargain for the incredible value that this staffer will provide for the party nationwide.


Achieving major media attention will help the national party grow, state parties grow, county parties grow, and increase the prestige of our candidates up and down the ballot.


This is one of the most critical investments of 2017, and an important part of laying the foundation for big things in upcoming elections.

Please give generously and help us make this possible.


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