The Time for Liberty is Now! Austin Petersen and His Inevitable Run for U.S. Senate

The wait is almost over! Former Libertarian Presidential candidate Austin Petersen is currently mulling a run for U.S. Senate and his swarm of supporters are eagerly waiting an annoncement. Petersen has built a Freedom Ninja Army of people that backed his Presidential run and are thirsting for more out of the former candidate. Missouri is a hot state this election cycle for Senate as  Claire McCaskill is up for re-election. Both Republicans and Democrats will be spending a great deal of money in this state in order to keep or take the seat into their hands. 

Austin Petersen has done a great deal over the past year to build his profile in the Liberty movement. As a former producer at Fox News who got Judge Andrew Napalitno on the air, Petersen built a semi-successful campaign for President as he took on the old establishment of the Libertarian Party. An old guard that was not ready for a young thriving individual who could care less what they thought of him, Petersen showcased a new type of talent in the liberty movement that has sparked a youth revival across the country. 

He is now lined up and prepared to take on a new challenge. Come July 4th, the expected announcement day, Austin Petersen will spark a new time for Liberty. In a country that is currently experiencing one of the most dynamic moments in its history with a President that can’t keep scandal out of the news and a congress that looks like it is just bowing down to his tyrannical leadership style, a fresh face from Missouri could be the answer. 

Libertarians have been waiting for their moment. They thought they had it with Gary Johnson this past November, and even though he broke LP records that moment fell short. Austin Petersen has a real shot now to change the political dynamic in this country. There are many that think he should run in the Republican Primary and try to get their nomination, but what they fail to think about is the old guard of the GOP that will not allow him to take their power. His best shot is to make history as a Libertarian candidate and split the vote between any Republican that will run and McCaskill. 

With Petersen’s youth he is poised to send a shockwave through the Washington establishment by being a newly crowned independent that his not beholden to any party leadership and can change the scope of the game from his chair in the United States Senate. 

The time for Liberty is now! The time to turn the political world upside down is now! Austin Petersen can become an everlasting legacy in the history books by winning this election as a Libertarian and with his drive and tenacity he can do it!


Author: Robert J. Bentley

Defender of #Liberty | Political Scientist & Historian | Founder of The Libertarian Vindicator (

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