Meet Jake Porter, Candidate for Libertarian Party Vice Chairman

1 Jake

The Libertarian Party Vice Chairman seat will be a hotly contested in the 2018 convention with many Libertarians announcing their intentions to run for the seat in response to current Vice-Chairman Arvin Vohra’s comments about the United States Military.

Earlier in May, Trent Sommes III announced his intention to run for the position and now another candidate has emerged.

Jake Porter is a member of the Libertarian Party of Iowa and wants to lead the party in a direction of growing State parties and building Libertarians up instead of tearing them down.

Jake has previously run for Governor of Iowa, and Secretary of State of Iowa, and served as 2008 Libertarian Presidential Candidate Bob Barr’s Iowa Coordinator.

Here’s Jake’s original announcement from Friday:

“A few weeks ago, I was asked by a few Libertarians to run for the Libertarian National Committee Vice-Chair position. After careful consideration, I have decided to announce my intention to run for the position.

We are currently presented with wonderful opportunities to grow and expand the Libertarian Party. As someone who has served in the state party, national party, and ran as a candidate more than once, I have the experience, leadership, and an ability to work with all factions.

Over the next several months, I plan to explain more about my positions on LNC matters and plans I have. I am not here to attack anyone. Haven’t we had enough of that? What has it accomplished in the past? I don’t like several things that have recently happened within the national party and instead of just complaining, I am going to do something positive about it.

I have no interest in tearing anyone down. Instead, I have an interest in building everyone up. I have an interest in growing our state affiliates just as I did when I first started to consider myself a Libertarian back in 2004.

I am accepting donations for this campaign for travel and printing materials. If you feel strongly enough about having me on the national committee, please donate at or message me.

Also, if you are planning on being a delegate and happen to support me, please send me a message and list your state.

In Liberty,





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  1. Jake Porter says:


    Many thanks for writing the article and keeping Libertarians informed of the LNC races.

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