Libertarian Party of Tennessee Rejects Tyranny of Cuban Government

With the recent news of the Libertarian Party of Cuba’s headquarters being raided and their officers arrested, their has been much showing of support for the brave few facing the tyranny of the Cuban Communist government. 

Today, the Libertarian Party of Tennessee released a resolution stating they “[oppose] the tyranny of the Cuban regime and seeks to unite in principled solidarity with any other state or county Libertarian Party to explore potential providing political and legal assistance to our abused Cuban Libertarian brothers and sisters.”

Help spread the story of these brave Libertarians by sharing this video and encouraging everyone to view it.

You can support the Libertarian Party of Cuba by liking their Facebook page, liking the Instituto Mises Cuba Facebook page, and sending money via PayPal to misescubacontacto(at)

Also, you can directly message the government of Cuba via Facebook and Twitter, to criticize these atrocities to liberty.

The full resolution from the LibertarianParty of Tennessee can be found below:


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