Liberty Hangout Challenges Anarchyball to Debate

Anarchyball Vs Liberty Hangout.jpgOpen vs. closed borders is always a touchy topic when it comes to libertarians that can split our variety fo viewpoints. This conflict came to a head yesterday morning, as Liberty Hangout announced on Twitter that it would be challenging the satire page, Anarchyball, to a debate on this topic.


The online conversation between these two pages became quite heated, with Anarchyball claiming that “[…] I think that Liberty Hangout can only operate when he stacks the deck.”

The writers at Liberty Hangout have always been staunchly closed-border libertarians, claiming that open borders could only be maintained through government and infringe on property rights.

Anarchyball rejects this in favor of free movement philosophies, claiming that closed borders are ultimately statist because they have to rely on a government to control immigration.

A debate between these two pages that are both so compassionate about their stances on borders, could be very productive for libertarians and I hope that this can actually come to fruition.


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