Jared Howe Steps Down From Being Libertarian

UPDATE: Jared Howe was fired from Being Libertarian, he did not step down.

Jared Howe, Assistant Media Director for Being Libertarian and Co-host of Backwordz Live, has stepped down from Being Libertarian after controversial statements regarding Marxism being a Jewish ideology and immigration policy.

The controversy began when Liberty Hangout challenged Anarchyball to a debate on open vs. closed borders, which turned into Anarchyball sharing past posts from Howe’ s Facebook account that they deemed xenophobic, collectivist,  and antithetical to anarchy.

Anarchyball also posted memes attacking Eric July, Hans-Hermann Hoppe (who Howe admires), Being Libertarian and Liberty Hangout.

At one point the satirical Facebook page called for its followers to find posts of him “denigrating large groups of people based on race, ethnicity, national origin or other purely physical attribute […].”

Howe released a statement on Facebook Thursday claiming that “BL’s chief executive officer — a staunch internationalist / leftist who believes in “big tent” SJW causes like egalitarianism, free movement, open borders, and cultural relativism — wanted me to “step down” because he believes me to be a liability to his globalist political agen- I mean…. public image,” and that the CEO was inconsistent in his enforcement of Being Libertarian’s policies towards contributors considering that they hired him to be a more controversial right-wing writer.
Jared Howe’s full statement can be found below:

Before you hear it from someone else, I wanted to let you know that I’ve parted ways with the Being Libertarian multimedia team.

Just to be clear, the decision wasn’t exactly mutual, and I wasn’t asked to leave by Eric July, Michael Brokamp, or anyone else from that department. BL’s chief executive officer — a staunch internationalist / leftist who believes in “big tent” SJW causes like egalitarianism, free movement, open borders, and cultural relativism — wanted me to “step down” because he believes me to be a liability to his globalist political agen- I mean…. public image.

Well… He’s right. I am. I’m a huge liability to the agendas and reputations of internationalists and libertines. This wasn’t ever NOT the case; I just didn’t know at first that Being Libertarian was headed by an internationalist libertine who was waiting for the right excuse to remove me.

He got the excuse he was looking for when the Anarchyball admins teamed with Larken Rose’s cult of single moms and beta cucks to coordinate a black blocc deplatforming campaign to inundate Being Libertarian and Liberty Hangout with out of context screenshots of my social media posts. The final straw apparently came last night when I posted about how Marxism is culturally Jewish — a statement of fact which was falsely construed by the libertines at BL to mean “all Jews are Marxist”. If I replaced “Marxism” with “the Torah”, would they accuse me of saying all Jews follow the Torah? Obviously not, but they don’t care about logical consistency and I don’t give a shit about their politically correct bullshit anyway.

The political correctness is ironic, though. Being Libertarian bills itself as a diverse platform from which libertarians “across the spectrum” (har har) can speak “unpleasant truths” and debunk “comfortable lies”. I think it’s fair to say that their multimedia department lives up to this mission statement under the leadership of Eric July.

Their publishing and social media departments, on the other hand, are headed by and filled with libertines who LARP as though they exist outside of the political spectrum, and who seek only to advance the milquetoast, beltway version of libertinism that leftist degenerates eat up like candy because of its similarity to post-modernism. Despite their stated affinity for diverse libertarian viewpoints and unpleasant truth, their demonstrated preference is for “comfortable lies” and the suppression of right-wing perspectives when it comes to r/K selection theory, private property norms, privatization of public property, cultural relativism, racial biodiversity, the Jewish question, and the Marxist implications of deconstructionist, post-modernist propaganda.

I’m a controversial guy. I say controversial things. When people get upset about my arguments but can’t refute them, I tend to mock them before blocking them and moving on. I sometimes use provocative language to do so, and I’ve certainly made a lot of enemies who obsess over me along the way. I can understand why someone who wants to project a traditionally wholesome public image wouldn’t want to be associated with me — especially when a business’ success depends on its reputation. However, libertarianism is implicitly controversial, and Being Libertarian doesn’t brand itself as traditional or wholesome. To the contrary, it frequently publishes “edgytarian” content about Satanism, sadomasochism, polyamory, simulated rape, sodomy, promiscuity, drug use, egalitarianism, and a slew of other culturally Marxist topics which alienate and offend people.

Of course, they’ll say I agreed to a code of conduct as a condition of joining, and that I violated it by shitposting, but this isn’t entirely true. Their code of conduct was drafted after I joined, it’s been redrafted three or four times since, and it isn’t uniformly enforced, as evidenced by the libertines in their ranks who use the platform to shitpost right-wingers, and who openly espouse communism despite the fact that it’s the most deadly political ideology in the history of humanity. They don’t really care about their code; they only use it as a cudgel to punish and root out those who effectively counter the left.

When I joined Being Libertarian, it was with the understanding that its proprietors in the multimedia department wanted me to help them capitalize on the demand for edgier right-wing content so that they could compete for market share with outlets like Breitbart, InfoWars, the Rebel Media, Red Ice, and The Right Stuff. That’s what I was recruited to do, and I lived up to my end of the bargain.

At the end of the day, I wasn’t removed because of my conduct. I was removed because the leftist in charge wanted to shut me up — even at the cost of emulating Anarchyball, Larken Rose, and CNN. I’m not mad; I just want everyone to know how things work over there. I’m not the first right-winger to be removed from Being Libertarian, and I certainly won’t be the last. I obviously only speak for myself, but if Eric July, Michael Brokamp, That Guy T, TrueDilTom or any of their other right-wing figures are digitally removed or asked to step down, you’ll know why.

Special shout out and thanks to Justin Moldow and Liberty Hangout for not deplatforming me over a political dispute and blaming it on complaints from leftists about parentheses and helicopter jokes. As a platform run by ethnic Jews, it certainly wouldn’t be hard for them to feign outrage over my statements and positions. I appreciate that they have more integrity than that.


3 Comments Add yours

  1. Jared Howe says:

    I didn’t step down. I was kicked out by Nathaniel Owen.


  2. Howard Roark says:

    Jared, you left libertarianism to the alt right side “far right statism” long ago. You are no individualist. Nationalism is by nature collectivist. Thanks for leaving. Feel at home in the Republican Party Bannon wing.


    1. Paul Rain says:

      You are a faggot. While I would not identify as a libertarian, it is disgusting that subhuman faggots like you have attempted to hijack real libertarianism.


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