Time For Libertarians To Move On; Let Go Of Hating The Gary Johnson Campaign

In my time as an active member of the Libertarian Party I have learned one key feature about this party; they eat their own. 

Libertarians are some of the most intense individuals in American politics. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing and it drives the passion they have for their beliefs, but there are moments that need to be let go of and an avenue created for people to move on. 

As I spend my time on social media and see the many comments that are made about stories we put up or stories that other Libertarian outlets spread around the internet there is one common thread that always pokes its head in these discussions. There are always 2-3 people that complain about Gary Johnson and his 2016 Presidential campaign. 

First off, the Gary Johnson campaign of 2016 received the most votes in the history of the Libertarian Party. Over 4 million people voted for our party and have helped usher in many positives for the movement. 

There are now 6 state legislature seats that are held by Libertarians. Many town council/city council’s have Libertarians serving on them. Many strides have been made since 2016 with ballot access and numerous other key party elements. 

Here is my call to the people that are still bitter about the Gary Johnson campaign. Stop living in the past. Stop complaining about something that happened and you have no control over. Live in the present and help the party grow even more. Become an activist. Volunteer your time to your local and state party’s. Become a publi servant. Just don’t sit behind a computer and complain about somebody that made history for the Libertarian Party. Be somebody!


Author: Robert J. Bentley

Defender of #Liberty | Political Scientist & Historian | Founder of The Libertarian Vindicator (www.libertarianvindicator.com)

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