Two Pennsylvania Libertarians Seek County Offices

Pennsylvania Libertarians Edward Clifford and Matt Wallace are running for Delaware County Council and Sheriff respectively. Should they win, they would add to the nine already elected Libertarians in the state.

Clifford ran for U.S. Senate in 2016 on a platform of rolling back legislation, eliminating the minimum wage and a non-interventionist foreign policy. “These regulations create barriers to entry into markets for individuals and small business to offer goods and services which prevents people from creating jobs,” stated in an interview.

The Senate candidate also tossed around the idea of completely abolishing the government and the constitution because “It’s very clear that the federal government doesn’t pay any mind to it anyway. They do what they want regardless.”

Wallace is currently the treasurer of the Libertarian Party of Pennsylvania and a leader in the “Fight For Zero” movement that opposes minimum wage laws. The Sheriff candidate also opposes the War on Drugs which he sees that “the system does not forgive or forget.”


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