Libertarian Party

LP Iowa Excluded From State Polls Despite Major Party Status

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Iowa’s recent poll on which party its resident would vote for in 2018 excluded the Libertarian Party despite that the Iowa party reached major party status in the last year.

The Libertarian Party of Iowa earned the status due to Gary Johnson receiving 3.8% of the state’s votes; 1.8% more than the requirement for a 3rd party to achieve that status.

“ In limiting choice for independent voters, the poll is essentially funneling these voters into the two parties which they have rejected. If Iowans are unaware that the Libertarians are now a major party with ballot access, with their own primary, caucus, and candidates, how are they able to make fully informed choices?” stated Joseph Howe in a letter to the Editor.

Howe also noted “Debate facilitators use the Iowa Poll, as well as others, to determine debate participation on major media outlets. Without Libertarian inclusion, how are Iowans to know all of their choices?”



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