“You F***ed With The Wrong Marine” Says Adam Kokesh Upon Release


After being imprisoned for 10 days, Adam Kokesh was released last night to find his motor home ransacked and trashed by the Wise County police. Kokesh was very emotional as he went through his vehicle and gazed at his belongings.

Many choice words for the department were expressed, the most intense being “You f***ed with the wrong marine and I’m going to be back until justice is done, not for me, but of the residents of Wise County who are victims of the Wise County Highway patrol […]” and called out the Sheriff for being a “law breaker” and an “oath breaker” and calling him a “criminal.”

Kokesh released a statement Wednesday calling for the Sheriff of Wise County to arrest the officer who detained him on the grounds of unlawful arrest and promised “there will be a number of lawsuits stemming from this incident and I intend to extract as much money as possible from the criminal arresting officer, Wise County, the great state of Texas, and all other individuals who can be held accountable, possibly even your yourself […].”

The full video of Kokesh’s release can be found below:


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