Alison Foxall An Up and Coming Libertarian Star!


Most of the time we focus on the big national candidates that are running under the Libertarian banner for offices like President of the United States, or seats in the United States Congress. But what about the local candidates that are making a difference on the ground in their states and spreading the Libertarian message?

Well, we got one of those for you and her name is Alison Foxall. She is currently running for a seat in the Flordia Legislature and is making a name for herself!

Alsion has broken the previous fundraising record for a Libertarian candidate in Flordia by raising over $19,000 for her campaign. According to her campaign, she is

only the second Florida Libertarian ever to achieve special election ballot access via the petition route – in just an eight-day span in September. She has earned a seat in the Jan. 30 live debate on ABC 7, has had active canvassing and phone banking pushes each week, and local media like the Sarasota Herald-Tribune has acknowledged “Sarasota state House race has major parties on edge” (Jan. 20).

In a recent poll conducted by ABC7 WWSB, 72% of those asked think she will win the upcoming debate on the 30th. While it isn’t a scientific poll it does show the interest and momentum that Alison has gathered over the weeks since she announced her campaign.

Here at The Libertarian Vindicator we will be watching her campaign closely and will be rooting her on to victory!


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