Bill Weld

Is Bill Weld Gearing Up For A Presidential Run?


Former Massachusetts Governor Bill Weld announced via social media last Thursday the start of a new organization called Freedom For America and encouraged his followers to donate. The video of the announcement is a bit peculiar, however, as it highlights Bill Weld’s stances on individual issues without really getting into what the organization is about.

When one clicks on the link to the website, again there’s not much information besides a form to sign up for updates (which the enter key says “learn more”), a spot to accept donations and a full biography of the former Libertarian Vice Presidential candidate.

At the bottom of the page is written “Paid for by Freedom for America Incorporated and not authorized by any candidate or candidate’s committee.  Freedom for America is a Delaware non-profit corporation and Section 501(c)(4) social welfare organization, which is independent of, and does not contribute to, or coordinate its spending with, any candidate or political party.  Contributors’ identities are not disclosed publicly.  Those contributing $5,000 or more are listed on annual federal tax filings, as required by the Internal Revenue Service (which does not release the information publicly).”

This could potentially suggest the beginning of a political run for Weld, or maybe a new PAC that will assist candidates the Libertarian supports.

The Libertarian Vindicator’s “Way Too Early” Presidential Poll showed that this would not be out of the picture, for if Larry Sharpe were to not run for the presidential ticket, Weld would be within the top 5 candidates for the race.



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