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The Kokesh/Owens Feud Explained


In a video released last night on Facebook, 2020 Libertarian Party presidential hopeful Adam Kokesh explained how his former campaign manager Angela Fisher Owens was “stealing from the campaign and stealing from donors, specifically in the form of recurring donations that went to her personal account that she collected from those recurring donations after she had been fired from the campaign.”

The video contained testimonies from Kokesh’s girlfriend Stacy, his current campaign manager Jacob Lamont, and his chief strategist Ben Farmer on the back story of Owens. The testimonies claimed that Owens had stolen money previously and demonstrated shady behavior.

According to Stacy, Kokesh’s former manager claimed she had around $2,000 to give to his girlfriend on a trip to Acapulco, but the money never appeared. Kokesh explained that Owens stated she started a USAA business account and that was where the money was put, but found out USAA did not offer business accounts.

Lamont explained that after some digging by the campaigns new treasurer, they found hard evidence that Owens had put $400 in her personal account that they did not know the origin. The campaign also claimed that Owens had deleted files from the Freedomline Google Drive account after being fired and was very difficult in turning over information to the new campaign manager.

Reaching out to Ms. Owens, she stated that only a piece of the video is true and that it was a smear campaign response to her posting screenshots of Kokesh contacting her nine-year-old son. “no matter how bad your parents are trying to screw me, I still think you’re great and I hope you’re doing well,” said Kokesh to Owens’ son and continued by encouraging him to get his parents to give up the allegedly stolen money and records.

Owens is currently pursuing a restraining order on Kokesh due to the alleged harassment and has created a Google drive with all of her interactions with Adam Kokesh to display the candidate’s character.

Kokesh claims that he has said he will forgive Owens if she returns the money and the records and would not report her to the FEC.


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