Michigan Senate Candidate Starts Campaign To Arm The Homeless


Update 3/11/2018 12:20PM: The GoFundMe campaign has been taken down. The author is reaching out to Brian Ellison for a comment in the reasoning.

Michigan Libertarian Brian Ellison has taken a unique approach to promoting his Senatorial campaign: starting a fundraiser to provide 20 pump shotguns to the homeless to allow them to protect themselves, as long as they pass a background check, are of legal age to own a firearm and receive proper training.

“Homeless people are one of the most marginalized and victimized people in this country. We need to step up and help these people protect themselves. This problem cannot be ignored any longer. Consider joining my campaign to help Arm The Homeless,” stated Ellison via social media.


The GoFundMe campaign goes into further detail to explain how the rate of violence of a homeless person is “highly disparate” from the general population. 14-21% of homeless citizens report experiencing a violent crime as opposed to the 2% of the general population.

Citing the Florida shooting as evidence, the campaign states “How long can we as a society sit back and allow peaceful citizens of this great country to be targets for those that view them as weak targets? According to case law in the decision of Warren v. District of Columbia, the police do not owe a specific duty to provide police services to citizens. What this means is that as individuals we can not count on the police to protect us, as they are under no obligation to do so.”

Ellison’s platform for his Senatorial run includes allowing people their right to protect themselves, ending the war on drugs, the TSA and the Department of Education, and free trade among nations.

Click here to donate to Brian Ellison’s Arm The Homeless campaign.


Author: Luke Henderson

Since joining the Libertarian Party in 2016 (after discovering Gary Johnson as a disaffected Bernie Sanders supporter), Luke Henderson has been active in the liberty movement through journalism, and political activism. At the beginning of 2017, Luke had his first piece of writing published by Being Libertarian and quickly became a contributor to the libertarian news site, The Libertarian Vindicator. Through the Vindicator, Luke discovered his passion for addressing critics of the philosophy and bringing together different factions of liberty lovers which compelled him to become an editor for The Libertarian Coalition, a forum dedicated to an open-minded discussion of libertarian ideas from all walks. After many guest contributions to Being Libertarian, Luke was asked to join the website as a contributor, where he writes his column Scoring For Liberty, which discusses sports, politics, and economics from a libertarian lens, and his Educator series that seeks to strengthen libertarian’s understanding of educational techniques and policy to better arguments against public education. Luke is one of the District 1 Executive Committeemen for the Missouri Libertarian party, and the founder of the Missouri Chapter of the Libertarian Positivity Caucus. Outside of politics, Luke is a paraprofessional for the Special School District of St. Louis, a musician, composer, and a loving husband and father.

5 thoughts

  1. You’re nuts! If you don’t understand that mental illness and substance abuse unfortunately make up the mass majority of the homelessness issues., you haven’t done your research. Arm more people? Wait until they come to your house with a loaded gun looking for money for their next score… you are exactly who the kids of the United States of America are protesting today when they say “Our leaders are children, our children are leaders, it’s time for a change”

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  2. According to the 2016 Libertarian party platform* –

    “The protection of individual rights is the only proper purpose of government.”

    Protection. Security. Government’s are supposed to protect the people they govern, No?

    Well, not according to Libertarian Brian Ellison. As his billboard says –

    “We are responsible to protect ourselves”

    That’s not small-government. That’s not efficient or logical government. It’s Do-Nothing government. It’s a lazy-ass justification, worse than the fattest bureaucrats in Washington. It’s like a pouting, frustrated toddler storming off to his room. It’s a close cousin of the all-politicians-are-corrupt so let’s do nothing excuse. 

It allows our legislators to conveniently abdicate their obligation to protect Michigan citizens by simply admonishing all to get our own guns and defend ourselves. It’s accepting the status quo. There’s nothing unique about that at all.

    When we have to send our kids to school in full body armor, our government is failing us. Spectacularly.

    With all the chaos in Washington, this could be an opportunity for Libertarians to make their mark. But not with junk like this. That’s not protecting the rights of individuals. It’s not protecting anyone at all, much less Michiganders or the homeless.

    *- https://www.lp.org/platform/


    1. You are confused. The platform states that a governments legitimate role is to protect the rights of the citizens. This means protecting the right to self-defense. If you believe it means that the LP believes that everyone should have a government appointed personal body guard, you may be in the wrong place.


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