10th amendment still has some life.

cali state house

The 10th Amendment to the Constitution of the United States has some life in her yet. The dead as a door nail 10th, buried by lefties and righties both with flagrant federal over reach in healthcare, education et al, has gotten a jolt from none other than Governor ” moon beam “, Jerry Brown, bolshevik of California. It seems the feds have declared war against the People’s Republic of California. The crime ? Sanctuary cities in a sanctuary state. Attorney General Jeff Sessions is in full riot gear against the insurgent Californians who refuse to cooperate with federal immigration authorities. Using words like ” secession ” and ” sanctuary state “, the Attorney General of the US, in front of the California law enforcement community, opened fire on California officials who have refused to cooperate with federali’s on illegal aliens. State Attorney General Xavier Becerra launched a counter suit against Session’s mandate that federal law is supreme.
On the surface it looks like California is looking to the constitution to defend it’s communist tendencies but there is more to it. Already a heavy welfare state, California is on the verge of collapse. Don’t believe the hype about a 6 billion dollar surplus. That’s garbage. The California pension plans are already looking at 170 billion dollars of debt. The once vaunted California state university system is falling under the weight of too many administrators, boutique leftist classes and questionable scholarship. The state is a mess and Brown knows it. Brown’s trotskyite sister Libby Schaaf, the Mayor of Oakland has done him a huge favor. By ordering the Oakland police to not cooperate with federal immigration officials California puts itself right in the cross hairs of Herr Trump. War is coming to the Gold coast.
The men who framed our Constitution may not have had this particular battle in mind when they thought of the practical application of the original documents but it is what we have. The idea that California can survive as a sanctuary state with a welcoming social welfare contract with any and all is ludicrous. Don’t believe the hype that illegal immigrants are ineligible for welfare. Their children, if born in the USA, are. The whole lefty culture of California is on trial. We all get to watch the crack up of the nation’s most populace state.
This case will surely wind up in the Supreme Court and will have profound consequences on the sovereignty of the states. With the President’s jack boots marching around the country side looking for evil aliens the
court’s rulings will be enormous. Can a state defy federal law ? According to the 10th amendment they can as long as the feds do not have clear powers as defined in the constitution. Of course a wiser course for California may be to cooperate with federal immigration and begin to dismantle their welfare state so as to have an open border policy. But as long as the goodies keep coming from Sacramento this open border idea will fail. Miserably.


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