Entrenched big government; Hillary again and the rest of us.


It is difficult to imagine life without Hillary Clinton. I know this. There has been a national fixation on this woman for over 25 years. She is both demon and saint. Her story is a real American story. Both tragedy and comedy. She is now at the end. I know you are going to miss her. You won’t have Hillary to kick around anymore….Sounds familiar. Like her political padrone Richard Nixon; she will depart in disgrace. A two time presidential loser. Just shy of her life’s ambition. The Oval Office.
Mrs. Clinton’s loss to Donald Trump is painful. You see it in her eyes. A disillusioned anger stares back at you. Her constant re-write of the 2016 election pushes her forward. Her latest variation of the truth is that she is singled out for criticism because she claims her fellow females voted against her because their husbands and sons told them to. She is calling a spade a spade. Apparently Mrs. Clinton has never met the women in my family. The heir apparent, Chelsea Clinton, is a functioning imbecile. Bill looks now like the letch he always was. The Clintons as a brand are in free fall; their political careers are done. Their influence drains away each and every day. Democrats can’t run fast enough or far enough from the once royal family of the Democrat Party.
The Clinton brand stands for far different things to people. To me it is a brand of cronyism. Take care of your own before anyone else. Even if it is at the taxpayers expense. Cronyism in general is a theft, whether corporate, social or political. The Clintons could never understand why people would get mad at that. Frankly I understand their bewilderment. It is after all every man for himself in DC. The political accomplishments of the Clintons are being debated. I don’t really care about that. As far as I am concerned Bill Clinton was just another hack who sold his oath to his faith; the government. Hillary the same. They would both do anything for a buck. How American is that ? What politicians have become is really not much different than what they were at the founding. Not really. Deals were cut, segments of the citizenry were not even counted as human, money was divvied up, taxes collected, the army funded. To say that the Clintons were the worst of this lot is not really looking at the facts. They are certainly immoral, disloyal and seditious. Were they worse than the Bush clan ? The Kennedy’s ? The Roosevelt’s ? On both sides of the political aisle. Not really. Was Nixon worse than Bill ? Some would say yes. Why ? Watergate. Yes but was Watergate all that bad as stacked up against previous misdeeds that went unpunished ? Or deeds that have happened since ? Was Bill Clinton’s romps in the Oval Office impeachable ? You tell me. I thought the man shouldn’t be elected dog catcher. But he was elected. Twice. That is where the debate should be. What do we expect from our elected officials ? Apparently the citizenry sets a low bar. Just look who we elect to represent us.
My own view is that it doesn’t matter who we elect if they represent the two major parties. They have both sold out to big government. Libertarians on the other hand don’t seem very adept at getting elected to much of anything. That may be in our favor. The nation has a schizophrenia when it comes to what we want from government. That is why I hold with libertarians who support limited government. Very limited. Limited to what the constitution says it is responsible for. No more no less. Hillary thinks this is sacrilege. So does every other name mentioned in this article. That’s the point. We keep electing big government types because that is all we see. Conservatives want big military and big borders. Liberals want big healthcare and and big social justice. Big big big. That’s how we roll in the USA. If this was a new phenomena I would feel better. But it is in our DNA. Right from the get we wanted big things. Right around Honest Abe we incorporated big government into the equation.
Some may believe that the death of the Clintons in the political arena is the end of cronyism. No way. They just happened to be very adept at stealing what was not nailed down. There is so much money in DC that it would be ridiculous to think that it’s all good. No thievery, no shenanigans.
Franklin Roosevelt and Lyndon Johnson were adept at building bureaucracies. Their fiefdoms were spread out across the wide spectrum of what people need to live. Food, air quality, clean water, education, healthcare et al. All of these things were regulated by the federal government. For our benefit mind you, at least that is what we were told. Every department in the federal government is awash in cash. That money belongs to us, the people. If we are too ignorant, too lazy or too busy to do anything about it, than we get what we deserve. A criminal government.



Donald Trump is now President. His enemies bemoan the fact that he is a self aggrandizing buffoon. So what ? He sits in a chair that the people bought and paid for. He is a reflection of what we have become. An entitled, petulant, grubby pack of wolves only out for ourselves. Do you really believe Hillary would have been better ? Or Obama, another Bush or Biden ? They are all cut from the same cloth. Live large on the people’s dime. Get a few marginal things on the books like new military toys for Trump. Hillary would have loved universal healthcare. They all had their own little ideas on how to make America great again. Except that America has always been great. It’s the government that has become a bloated, wheezing curse on liberty.
The founders understood human nature. They understood that absolute power corrupts absolutely. They put together a system of checks and balances that have been wiped away. The legislature has abrogated its responsibility to the executive branch. The judiciary has become an old feeble bunch of academics who believe it is their duty to write the laws through the courts. Instead of upholding the Constitution. All we need do is look at some of our problems. Problems created by the feds themselves. Immigration, constant war, trade wars, all of it is the result of government meddling, incompetence and greed.
The battle lines have already been drawn for the congressional elections come November. What is better big government conservatism ? Or big government liberalism ? It’s our choice. Big government is here to stay as long as these two corrupt gangs run the show.
So one of a cast of thousands, Hillary Clinton, will ride off into the sunset. No accomplishments to speak of but a well deserved reputation as a crook. Some will take satisfaction in this. I don’t. Another will take her place. The Great Republic has been auctioned off to the highest bidders. Liberty, self reliance, risk have all been taken off the table. It’s now every man for himself in the Land of Oz. May the best man win. We are Entering a new age in politics. The age of entrenched big government. Born under Franklin Roosevelt and christened by Lyndon Johnson, rescued under George W. Bush and now sanctified by Donald Trump. Both ends of the political spectrum from left to right. Yes add Ronald Reagan in the mix. Every president since Roosevelt has bought big government.
The political goat herding that has been going on in DC is in full swing. Whatever your cause there is a team for you. Want gun control put your money over here; want to ban abortion we got you covered. Any issue can be bought and sold without shame or guile. We willingly comply. There’s money to be made in the ” Shining City on a Hill “. And people will flock there. Our politics has become pliant to the prevailing economics of the city: Big money buys big government.


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