Breaking: Jim Lark Votes No On Vohra Suspension

Region 5 Representative Jim Lark voted no Vice Chairman Arvin Vohra’s suspension and removal making the final decision fall on the shoulders of Chairman Nicholas Sarwark.

Lark stated

I hope all is well with you. 
I am writing to provide some 
information about a couple of matters.
1)  In a separate message I shall send my vote on the motion to suspend Arvin Vohra.  While I believe several of Mr. Vohra's actions are reflective of poor judgment, I am not convinced that the recent MeWe post in question or his previous statements constitute a violation of the certification (also referred to as the "membership pledge"). In particular, I believe that the post in question was an attempt at humor (albeit an attempt that failed badly), and I accept his statements that he does not advocate violence against the state.  (I have some additional concerns about the wording of the motion, which I shall 
discuss if the need arises.)
On Mar. 31, I sent a message to Mr. Vohra about the MeWe post. I stated my belief that the intentional posting of the message in such a place suggested questionable judgment, and perhaps an indifference to the negative effect such posts may have on the LP, especially with respect to some of our affiliate organizations.  I also requested that he resign from the LNC, preferably with immediate effect.
For whatever it is worth, this is one of the most difficult votes I have cast during my service as an LNC member. I am concerned that some of Mr. Vohra's statements have caused damage to the LP, and may cause damage in the future.  
Thus, I understand very well why the motion is 
supported by many people whose character and judgment I greatly respect. I am also concerned that passage of the motion may cause as many problems over the long term as it may alleviate.  In most cases when I have such uncertainty concerning a motion, I abstain.  However, in this case, since an abstention functions as a "nay" vote, I believe it is appropriate to vote "nay."


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